Slantwalk Vineyard has been a labor of love.  The friends bought the property in 2007 as raw land.  They cleared the land, installed trellises, an irrigation system and high quality vines sourced from France and Italy.  During this process, they sought the most skilled wine makers in Argentina to advise them.  With assistance from the team at the Vines of Mendoza, the four friends nurtured the young vines into the mature, grape producers they are today.  The chicas used the knowledge they have gained to produce amazing wines.

Each year, the four friends consulted with these experts and leveraged their knowledge, guidance and time.  The expert winemakers played an important role in bringing the vineyard to life each year from the dormant vines of winter, to the full fruit at harvest.

The Vineyard is situated 1,100 meters above sea level at the base of the Andes Mountains.  The soil is dry and nutrient rich and the land receives water from natural snowmelt every spring and summer.  Because it is blessed with such unique natural conditions, the grapes and resulting wines are of excellent quality.  It is farmed to produce both premium and super-premium grapes.  The four acres are comprised of three acres of Malbec and one acre of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Every year, the vineyard has produced their flagship wine, Slantwalk and their super premium, Slantwalk 4 Barrel.  In addition to these two wines, they produced one or two different varietals or styles each year.  2014 was the last year of wine production.  Starting in 2015, the vineyard’s grapes have been sold to other regional winemakers.

A detailed description of our current offerings is listed on the “Wine” page.