In February of 2006, four friends took a spontaneous trip to Argentina.  With adventure in mind, they set out to explore the wine country of Mendoza.  Though the region’s world-renowned vintner’s reputation preceded it, Mendoza was even more inspiring than they anticipated.  The four friends fell in love with the country, its culture and its wines.  When they were offered the opportunity to purchase a small vineyard in Mendoza, they enthusiastically accepted, grateful to be able to share in the Argentine way of life and wine.  The four chicas who made that original trip introduced their wines, Slantwalk and Slantwalk 4Barrel in 2011.  The name Slantwalk represents a specific piece of their shared history.  It also characterizes their vineyard experiences so far – unexpected, unpredictable, exciting.  Most significantly, it celebrates the road less traveled; the unforeseen journey that has been all the more rewarding as a result.

The Unbeaten Wine Path