Q. Do you sell wine anymore?

A. No, we do not.  We will continue to harvest and produce our amazing grapes in Argentina but no longer sell wine in the United States.

Q. I bought some Slantwalk in a prior year. How long can I age this in the bottle?

A. Slantwalk will maintain quality for 5 years and Slantwalk 4 Barrel will maintain quality for 7-8 years.  Both wines will continue to develop over time so you can enjoy them over the next few years!

Q. I noticed some sediment in my wine. Why is there so much more than I am used to with other wines?

A. The presence of sediment is not necessarily a sign of a flawed or bad wine.  In many instances it is a sign of the direct opposite.  Even if the wine is relatively young (like ours), sediment is nothing more than evidence that the winemaker favors a more “natural” approach to winemaking, and wants the wine to allow it to develop its inherent complexity without too much filtering as in most of the industrial commercial wines.  The sediment you see is formed from tannins and other solid material that remain in the juice after filtering and give the wine complexity and character.  Our recommendation is to leave the bottle upright for a few days before serving and then to decant the wine if you prefer to avoid pouring these sediments into the glass.